Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trip to Estonia

******It's been a while since I went there, with all these people you can see on the picture, including some others who where too drunk to come!
Oh, well we had some good time! It is a nice City (Tallinn) that unfortunately couldn't forgive itself for all the things the Citizens did during Communism! Thus, they are still some years behind! You can feel it on the streets, that this place is not a typical European City! It has something special, something more Russian than other countries that had to do with Russia during these old times. Maybe, it is the church that made me end up with this conclusion. Very fascinating, indeed! You should all visit Estonia! It is cheap and they have nice food! We ate in a 16 a.c. restaurant, where the atmosphere was influenced by this dark medieval period in Europe! There wasn't even a single electric Lamp!
CU! Estonia, I will come back!

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