Monday, March 12, 2007

The three riders of the apocalypse (who da men?) By Nikos (Zappa) Kokkalis

Once, three young men met in the university of a small country, commonly known as the Land of the Pubs. Billy (Billias), petrovgr (Christos), and zappa (Duke), became the founders of the worlds first post-postmodern magazine, the aptly called KRA. The magazine was widely critically acclaimed by the land-of-the-Pubs-landers (in a few words most of them didn't understand a thing of what it was saying). Thus the three decided that they should not recreate the magazine and go on to other things. The two of them created a rock band (you know, one of those that rock their audience (that other thing is called stone-throwing, a barbaric act that most of the rock bands tend to dislike, having been subject to that from not-so-full-of -understanding-towards-the-artists-members-of -the audience)). But soon enough duty, and exchange programmes of the University of the Land of the Pubs kicked in. One of them moved North (Billy), the other moved south-east (petrovgr). Being stuck under the Guiness beer barel, zappa decided to stay the course, and continue his perillus task of making the Land of the Pubs a more interresting place to be...Here they can narrate their adventures in the perillus lands they live in.
Pssst christo, there are some really good looking Aussie burds hanging around ucy now:P Your loss mate

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bpetridis said...

Thanks man! Thnx for posting at my blog. You know, I am thinking about publishing KRA (our magazine) here on my blog. What do you think m8?
Oh, man you made me recall a lot of things that happened back then!I remember the timeless coffee drinks of ours, at the University of Cyprus-Cafeteria and after that, discussions about our plans to solve the Cypriot-Problem!Hahaha, good times, active and funny times! Publish one of your great Articles dude, even in Greek if you prefer!
Respect and Peace from Stockholm!

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