Sunday, March 11, 2007

I felt like writing (or eating)!

The time I give to clean my room, myself, even the Flash-Memory of my brain, is smaller than the tiniest bean ever seen by the eyes of an Ant! It is more close to zero. Yes, I am a person that cleans his room, when the amount of rubbish and dirty socks (mixed with underwear) blocks his way to his desk, where his computer is located. This actual distance is 1 meter. In this odd equation, surrounded with dust-circles the author of this funny text includes his vast body. His body is a combination of arms and legs all connected to his strong and tough belly, which (above others) has the ability to process unimaginable, incomprehensible and limitless amounts of food. Alone in his last dream to conquer the world with his jaws, the author rides on his beautiful, golden elephant. His elephant is the only animal that he respects and admires, since he and only he (the elephant!) understands his lack of abstemiousness. Through dozens of spaghetti and rice, cooked with tomato mostly or white milk-cream, I have achieved a terrible life that is no different than this ordinary, daily timetable, of mine:

16.30: I wake up

16:31 Open the computer

[From that point I loose the feeling of time in front of a screen]

05:45 Fall asleep

This is an ordinary day for me. Oh, I forgot to include the massive meals that I consume every 3 or 4 hours. That’s it. When I feel like writing again, and maybe ending this very text, I will let you know with a simple burger on your balcony! Until then, good luck with your lives!

[Vasilis-Billy Petrides]

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