Monday, May 7, 2007

hubba hubba hubba

I need alcohol.I need Billy. I need sex. I need home cooked food. I need to meet some sane girl. I need to travel. I need to do something interresting. I need to live like a normal person. I need to speak to my gurou (petrovgr). I need to read something interresting written by Billy. I need holidays. That´s it. Right now I am planning to go to Germany for a week, Spain for another Jamaica for the rest of eternity (please NO MORE CYPRUS). Maybe its the exam. Maybe its the soprano sitting next to me. Maybe

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petrovgr said...

Hello Duke Zappa du Bordeaux

I hope gurou was relevant to guros.
About the soprano, i think i got it. The crazy soprano with the glasses? Luv this girl! THEA! THEA!

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